Development team

The behind the scenes


Jon Paul Uritis (a.k.a. Pope)

Co-founder & Software Engineer

Pope is a Canadian-American Entreprenuer, Software Engineer, Writer, and Musician based out of Orange County, California. When he's not working on an NLP startup, playing in Free Tequila, or spending time with his amazing family, you'll probably find him reading, playing beach volleyball, surfing, or writing in the 3rd person on his website.


Sacha Rose Uritis (a.k.a. Ladypope)

Co-founder & Software Developer

Sacha brings a more traditional technical background with a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Statistics. The first 10 years of her career was as a passionate and uber successful supplemental STEM educator. In 2017, she started her second career as a data scientist because why not? Now, seeking the ultimate balance-of-life, Sacha now splits her time between being SuperMama (nurturing and educating her two mini-me's) and running FundedReport under Storm Cloud Development, LLC with her hubby. For fun, Sacha enjoys baking (Bite Me Bakery in Reno, NV coming soon!), yoga, volleyball, singing, and gardening.


Ray Carrender

Co-founder & Software Architect & Engineer